Sorry to dissappoint those who are looking for my latest steamy sex post. I can’t seem to write anything good lately. I’m staying with my parents and going crazy. I don’t know if it is from lack of sex or the extra sleep I’m getting, but I’m seeing my family in a completely different light. I no longer like my mother. In fact she disgusts me. She is unhappy, selfish, and rude to everyone around her. She hates Christmas and tries to make everyone else pay for it. She’s never been the type of mother to actually take care of people around her, i.e. her children. Even when we were young she never tended to us when we were sick, that was my dad’s job. She is a surly bitch of a woman who thinks the entire world is out to get her. My father just takes her bullshit and generally tries to stay out of her way. My brother, sister and I have only recently started to mend ourselves from the damage of growing up with her as a mother. I can’t tolerate the fighting anymore. I’ve been holed up in a room all by myself for most of the day. I read and slept and practiced. I can’t face her. I know I have to go to church with everyone tonight and that makes me sick also. I’ll just be standing there staring at the wall hoping for the time to pass quickly. I haven’t gone to church since last Christmas Eve and there are some specific reasons for it (different post altogether). She has also taken to harassing me to have kids. She feels like I’m ruining her life because she isn’t a grandmother yet. There is so much about her that I just hate, but it would take me two days to relate it all here in this blog post. I promise to write more sexy stories soon!!!! Stay tuned!