One of the best things I like about sitting in a coffee shop alone is all the people watching I can do. The coffee shop I am in right now is pretty empty. There are tons of comfy chairs and couches as well as tables with chairs all over the place. I’m sitting in the back in a dark corner so I can see pretty much everything that is going on. There is a group of two couches facing each other with a low table in between them. When I got here there was a young lady sitting and studying on one of the couches. About 15 minutes later a middle aged man comes and sits across from her. Now, these two couches are pretty close together and this man obviously doesn’t know this girl. He just sat down across from her for no apparent reason.

Then his cell phone rings. Extremely loud and annoying ring tone and then he answers the call and talks in a normal voice for 20 minutes. Who answers a phone in a coffee shop where people are studying and talks loudly? He’s very rude. I feel sorry for the folks trying to concentrate. A lot of people are shooting annoyed looks in his direction. He’s the oldest one here by about 30 years.

He’s not an unattractive man. Of course I prefer men about his age anyway, but somehow I’m finding his rudeness a bit of a turn on. He obviously does not care what anyone else thinks of him. From his half of his phone conversation I figured out he is in town on a business trip. I wish he would start talking to the girl he’s sitting with. What if he propositioned her? What if they really do know each other and are playing out some sort of scenario or something? Maybe he’ll talk to her and ask her name….

Hi, what’s your name?


What are you studying?


Aha, how’s it going?


Why’s that?

–I’d rather go out and have fun

So why are you studying on a Friday night?

–I dunno, there’s nothing going on around here tonight.

Yeah, I’m just in town for the weekend and I was bored so I came over here to pass the time.

–That’s cool.

What do you like to do for fun?

–Oh nothing special, just hang out with friends.

You’re pretty cute do you have a boyfriend?

–That’s none of your business!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so forward, but I can’t stop looking at your pretty eyes.

–ok, you should probably go now. You are creeping me out.

No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to creep you out. I’m just kind of lonely tonight.

–um, that’s fine, but what does that have to do with me?

I was wondering if you might want to go have a drink in my hotel room later

–Get real, I’m not going anywhere with a strange man.

Well then let’s talk so I’m not a stranger anymore.

–You’ll still be a stranger no matter what you try with me tonight.

Oh, come on. Let’s just talk and get to know one another a little better. You can study tomorrow. I just want to talk.

–Well ok if we are just going to talk that’s fine, but I won’t be going anywhere with you.

Ok, that’s fine with me.

They talked for three hours until the coffee shop closed. They enjoyed each other’s company so much Anna agreed to going to his hotel room so they could talk some more. The man, Ed, knew then that he’d get her into bed. She was such an easy target. Such a sweet young girl ready for the taking.

They walk into the hotel room and Anna nervously sits down in a chair by the window. Ed produces a bottle of whiskey out of his luggage, grabs two glasses, and sits down across from Anna.

More to come…