I decided you all needed a good sex post. It’s been awhile.

This morning I woke up at 9am. I felt well rested and so comfy I just wanted to stay in bed all day. Luckily I didn’t have to be anywhere until noon. I turned on the tv and started watching some show. After a few minutes my husband woke up and grabbed me from behind in a soft and loving hug. I love how he does that. He is so cute in the mornings. We watched tv for a while and then he got up to check his email.

I got bored with tv and grabbed one of my toys out of the bedside table drawer. I started rubbing my clit with it while laying on my stomach kind of on my knees with my head buried in my pillow (favorite position to masturbate), and I didn’t think he’d noticed until I realized that he was at the foot of the bed. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “filming.” He had started up the webcam and was sharing my masturbation with 42 adoring fans on adultfriendfinder! I love to have people watch me masturbate so I came almost immediately. Once I was finished with my toy he got behind me and fucked me on cam. He fucked me so hard and fast that my head was spinning with pleasure. I love to just be fucked like that. I like it when he just gets behind me and shoves his cock inside me. I felt his cock twitch as he came inside me and felt the huge rush of cum when he pulled out. I made sure he got some pics of the cum running down my leg. It looks so slutty.

After the “show” we just lazed around chatting and watching more tv. I decided that I should probably get up and shower and get going for the day. It was 10:45am after all! He had other ideas…..

As I attempted to untangle my arms and legs from his, he somehow manuevered himself so that his head landed between my legs. Since I was still naked it was easy for him to dive in and start licking my clit. I tried to protest, saying that I had to get going, it was getting late. He ignored my protests and kept licking. It felt so good. I was moaning and yelling and screaming with pleasure. His tongue just always knows exactly what to do to give me maximum pleasure. I could feel my orgasm start to come on and when he slid a finger inside my pussy it pushed me over the edge. I screamed as I came….. It felt so good I think I blacked out for a second or two because the next thing I know his cock is inside my pussy. He starts to gently push it in and out of my pussy. It started to drive me nuts because all I wanted was for him to fuck me hard. I wanted him to use me like a slut. I begged him to fuck me harder, and he teased me for what seemed like forever, lightly caressing my nipples while his cock moved slowly in and out of me. Finally, after I had been lulled to complacency he slammed his cock inside me and started to pick up speed and force. He had me screaming in no time as he just fucked me hard. I came again as I felt his cock slamming inside me over and over. It was just what I needed. He pinched my hard nipples as he shot his load of cum deep inside me.

It was just what I needed!!!