I had a business trip this past weekend. I was so horny when I got home that I practically attacked my husband. We went upstairs immediately and got into bed naked. His hands and lips were all over me. He made me feel like a treasured princess. His fingers found their way to my clit, and as he slowly stroked it he whispered in my ear. He wouldn’t let me cum….every time I got close he slowed down. It felt so good!!!!!! Finally he pushed me over the edge and I had the absolute best orgasm of my entire life! I used to be able to keep orgasms going for up to 30 minutes when I used to masturbate for hours with him on the phone while we were dating, but I hadn’t been able to do it for years. He kept his finger lightly moving over the magic spot and I just kept cumming and cumming. My head was all wishy-washy, and I couldn’t see straight. He kissed my mouth as it finally started to subside. It was an experience that neither of us expected. I don’t even remember much of what happened after that, but I know it involved him fucking me so hard my pussy was still sore this morning. I love my husband…..