I guess nobody has anything to say. Not surprising. This is a boring blog. I could try writing inflammatory remarks about whatever is annoying me at the moment. Would you like to read that sort of thing? Well, here it comes.

I hate people who don’t try to make their relationships work. I’m referring to a friend of mine. She recently changed her career field to music after not being in it for many years. Her husband was her biggest supporter of going back to music. But now that she is in the thick of things, she wants nothing to do with her non-musician husband. She says that all she wants to do is be around musicians, and that the two of them have nothing to talk about anymore. They’ve been married less than two years, and I don’t think they’ll make it to three. One of the things that bothers me the most is that she used to be quite a wild lady. She used to go out to bars a lot, but since she’s gotten married she has toned it down a lot. Now that she is back in music, she has been going out a lot and spending all of her free time with a young musician that she works with. He’s a cute little guy who needed a mother type for awhile. Now when they hang out it just seems ridiculously inappropriate. Their body language suggests that more is going on than a friendship. Platonic friends don’t caress each others faces tenderly!!! This is the girl I told about my sexual lifestyle and she responded with, “I never want to hear another word.” She’s clearly cheating on her husband, and has even told him that she wants out of the marriage. Her husband works very hard at a job he doesn’t necessarily love to support her financially while she is making her way in the music world, but she doesn’t seem to want to make things work with him. I just want to slap her sometimes!!!!!! How can someone cheat on their husband, but be disgusted with my admission of having sexual relationships with other men (it’s sanctioned and encouraged by my husband)?? What a hypocrite!