I should be studying…. I’m only halfway through one of my questions and I have 5 to complete. I’m studying for comprehensive exams. Next week Monday through Friday I will be writing from 8am to noon on 5 different topics chosen by a committee of my professors. Basically this is like writing five 10-page papers on topics that I don’t necessarily care about. I just need to keep working because tomorrow I have to teach all day, and I’ll be too tired to be very productive tomorrow evening. I do have all day Sunday and Mon.-Thurs. afternoons and evenings to put the finishing touches on everything. Everybody send me all their extra brain power and will power because I’m going to need all the supportive help I can get.

There’s just one slight problem….I’m really fucking horny!!! I want to cum so bad that it has been invading my mind while studying, and I’m usually able to subjugate such unproductive thoughts. I need my body to be used and pleasured…. All I want to to right now is take off all my clothes, jump into bed, and masturbate until I can’t cum any more………..