Thanks to everyone who offered me kind words of support over the past few weeks. I’m finished with tests forever. I never have to take another test. I’m post-comp ABD! That is, I’ve finished comprehensive exams and am All But Dissertation. I am looking forward to really diving in to my last recital which is a month away. I’ve missed the feeling of performing something you’ve had time to perfect. The confidence it gives me is intoxicating. I love to perform music.

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. I caught up with lots of friends, online and otherwise. The friend of mine that I had mentioned earlier who freaked out when I told her about my sexual “lifestyle” actually APOLOGIZED to me for freaking out! She only reacted that way because she was just starting to realize that her marriage was headed in the wrong direction. She told me this past weekend that she is in love with this other man and that she thinks it’s over with her and her husband. She says that have nothing to talk about anymore and that they have grown apart. After talking to her, I agree with her. I think she should leave him and not look back. I know both of them pretty well, and he has dug himself into a cave and sealed it up, leaving her outside. He’s not passionate about anything in life and doesn’t understand her life in music. Here’s the clincher, he hacked into her email to see if she was cheating on him! He knew she’d been spending a lot of time with this other guy, and he started to wonder just what kind of relationship they had developed. She has never done anything with or said anything inappropriate to this guy, so her husband found nothing more than discussions about a magazine article that they had both read. He posted one of the emails she had written on his blog, knowing she’d find it eventually. Once she noticed the blog, she confronted him about it, and he passively aggressively said that he was just commenting on an magazine article he read. What an ass! She told me about all of this and I had to bite my tongue. All I wanted to say was LEAVE THE BASTARD, but I don’t ever want to dispense that sort of advice. This other guy she has found seems to be a better match for her. Of course, there’s more to the story than I could relate here without boring everybody, but believe me when I say it would be best for them to split now than in 20 years. It would prevent a lot of suffering.

The best thing about my weekend was the concert I played. I play with an orchestra about 90 minutes away from home and we performed with Ricky Scaggs & Kentucky Thunder this weekend. Damn, those boys can play!!!! Not only was everyone in the band a great musician, but they were a complete joy to work with. I have long been a fan of bluegrass music, but I’ve never had the chance to really perform it. Well, I’m in love. It was intoxicating! I have decided that for a hobby I’m going to start taking bluegrass fiddle lessons. I think it will be a good contrast to the heavy classical music I play the rest of the time. I’m so ready to start participating in real music. Stuff that wasn’t written by men hundreds of years ago. Bluegrass music is so vital and alive.

I got back to town yesterday afternoon, and spent an amazing evening with my husband. He missed me so much he tied me up and fucked me senseless. What a sweetheart! lol It was a great night of being treated like a slut. He slapped me around and used me for his own pleasure. I sooooooo needed that. I’m definitely sore today… little bruising, but nothing I didn’t want. It is a nice reminder of the intense pleasure he gave me last night. *sigh* I am a happy lady….