I thought my life would go back to normal, or at least what I was used to at the beginning of this semester. It hasn’t. It’s actually much better. I still have many stresses to deal with, but I’m more motivated now. I practiced at home this afternoon because of a cancelled rehearsal. I usually can’t practice at home because there are too many distractions to deal with, but today I just wanted to play, and I did for three hours! I feel great now, but I wish I could keep going. But, I know when to stop, and if I did keep going I could injure myself again.

I have also gotten a lot of time to visit some of my favorite blogs, and I noticed that there is more than one person who lost their entire blog without knowing how. It just disappeared. One of them has set up a temporary blog until she can find out what happened, but I haven’t heard anything from the other. Her email address doesn’t work anymore either. Weird. I hate wondering what ever happened to people. I like closure on things like this, but I know I won’t be getting my way. Oh well…. If this person, who had three great blogs that I read regularly, sees this post. Please contact me so I know you are ok.

Thanks to those of you commenting here!!! And for you lurkers: please leave a comment even if it is just hello.