I went to school at my normal Wednesday time of 8am, and I made it through my day without skipping any seminars or rehearsals. When I got home I sat my ass down in front of the TV and watched an entire 30 minute show. I had not set foot in my living room for a record 13 days. I could only sit still for one show then I cleaned both bathrooms. It took me an hour. I suck at cleaning. It takes me forever. Oh well, at least it’s done.

My husband has been acting weird today. He’s acting like a little kid who didn’t get his way. I think it was because I forgot to wake him up this morning when I left. Well I have to leave the house at 7:30 to get the the university by 8. He didn’t even go to bed until sometime after 4am. I know because I got up to use the restroom and he was still chatting online with a couple we’ll be meeting with in a month or so.

He called me from work while I was cleaning this evening and I wasn’t very pleasant. Who would want to exchange pleasantries while wearing rubber gloves? So then when he called to say he was on his way home he was pouty again. We went out for a crappy dinner at a local diner type joint and at some point during our conversation he said something that was offensive to me. He made a comment that I wasn’t a hard worker or something like that. He was supposedly joking, but I didn’t take it that way, and then he said in a condescending manner, “don’t flip this over on ME now.” That was two hours ago. I haven’t spoken to him since, and I’m going to see how long I can go without talking to him. He’s never acted like that before. I won’t stand for being belittled in public.

Even the perfect man is a moron sometimes!!!!! My mother did teach me that all men are morons. Of course when she calls my dad a moron he just says that he’d rather be more-on than more-off….. [insert deep eye-roll]