The fight with my husband went away without talking about it. I suspect that he felt really badly about it, but couldn’t apologize because he was embarrassed. And NiceGuy, there was some gooooood sex last night and this morning. Maybe that is what I should write about. I was already sleeping when my husband came to bed last night. He woke me up by pinching my nipple really hard. I was mad for a split second then I realized what had happened and he just attacked me. It was really hot because I couldn’t even open my eyes I was so sleepy. I felt like he just used me for his own pleasure…..I love that.

Then this morning we had our regular Friday morning sex. Except that I didn’t even get to cum! This is a rare occurance with my husband, but we had a slight mishap. I guess I was just really wet and he was pulling back to slam into me really hard and his cock slipped slightly off center and he ended up ramming into the edge of my hole instead of going in and he injured his cock momentarily. Poor guy fell over in pain. Can’t imagine what that would be like going from pleasure to extreme pain like that. Has anyone else had a mishap like this?