I have handled this school situation to the best of my ability. I feel like this is part of my final examinations for graduation. This was a personal test of how to handle myself in the halls of academia when things go wrong. Basically, this issue made it all the way to the desk of the president of the university. I have come out of this ordeal with more strength and a better appreciation for my own integrity. I generally am the last one to toot my own horn, but one thing I’m not afraid of sharing with people is my dedication to my education and every aspect of it. Because of my past, and its relative lack of controversy, I came through unscathed. All the hard work I have shown have paid off. I have learned that people do notice when I work a little harder than is expected of me. For me, this has been a huge breakthrough. And while it is not over yet, I have the skills to tie up the loose ends that this whole situation has created.

I know I’m being cryptic so maybe I should elaborate. A professor added a class period that was not on the syllabus. The powers that be in the university have sided with me. The rules are clear: a professor cannot add a class period and make it required for a grade. He can call an optional class meeting, but he cannot cover any new material. Now I am facing some personal attacks from the professor and one of the administrators in my department. Of course they are veiled and not specifically aimed as true attacks, but the meaning is still evident. Luckily for me, the truth is on my side. It’s very disappointing when people in authority that I once looked up to get caught in a lie. It would not be smart for me to serve them up on a silver platter to their boss, although I wish I could do just that. Instead I am going to let them know that I will not stand for being bashed in any matter. I am going to regain their respect by earning it the right way.