I love to go to weddings. I have performed in a string quartet for at least 200 weddings in my career, and I never get sick of them. The best ones are where the couple really have the guts to actually do what they want. Not everybody has to have Canon in D for their music! There are millions of beautiful pieces of music that would be perfect for a wedding, but so many people choose the same drivel. When I ask a bride who’s just hired me to play at her ceremony what kind of music she wants the answer 90% of the time is, “something normal.” Even the ones who claim to want something different end up choosing the same music as everybody else. I have made a concerted effort to try to convince these women to use other music. The world needs a wedding music revolution! Ok, so here’s my dirtly little secret: I absolutely love to play Canon in D. I get goosebumps every time I play it. Anyway, the reason I’m writing about weddings is we just returned from an absolutely perfect wedding for a friend of mine. She and I played in a wedding quartet for three years, and she and her new husband will be moving at the beginning of July. It was so awesome to see how she planned her wedding after seeing so many with her while performing. She had a duo of cellos, singer with piano, and organ at the ceremony. Then there were bagpipes leading the procession of the entire wedding party plus guests to the reception a few blocks away. Then there was a jazz combo playing during cocktails, and a salsa band for dancing. We left before the salsa band played, but I’m sure it will be awesome.

Tonight H (husband) and I are meeting G (our girlfriend) at a bar to watch a local band play. It should be a good show, and I need to blow off some steam. I’ve been living inside my head all week, and I just need to let loose. Unfortunately, I have to get up very early tomorrow because I am teaching at a camp this week and it starts tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn. Oh, well. We’ll have to cram in some fun before I need to crash. I told H that if G stays over night I’ll sleep in the spare room so they don’t worry about keeping me up too late. He was concerned that that meant I wouldn’t be joining them, but I assured him that I wouldn’t miss a fun romp in bed with the two of them together.