Well Saturday night was better than I even expected. I got really drunk on cheap nasty beer, and promptly shoved H’s cock down my throat upon reaching home. G came home with us and we all got naked in the bed. I’ll give you a short rundown of the night’s events: we took turns sucking H’s cock and kissing each other, she licked my pussy, she licked my pussy while H licked hers, she licked me while H fucked her, H licked me while she sucked on my nipples, H fucked me, H fucked her, I passed out on the floor. The next morning I had to be up extremely early to teach at a summer camp so luckily H and G got me into the bed in the guest bedroom and set an alarm for me. I woke up with the alarm and felt like absolute shit, but boy was it fun the night before! Sorry it’s so brief, but I’m in the library working on my dissertation! LOL