I’m wasting time, not working on my dissertation. I didn’t even go to the library today. I have to teach three lessons tonight.

That’s my official occupation these days. Violin teacher. I love teaching, but only when the damn kids practice. It makes me angry and annoyed when it is obvious that the kid hasn’t practiced. Their parents are paying me to practice with them for 30 minutes. I didn’t go to college for 10 years and get a doctorate in music performance to practice Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with an 8 year old for 30 minutes. I’m supposed to teach the student new skills, and perfect technique, but if he doesn’t learn the notes I can’t TEACH him anything.

Right now I’m sitting here dreading going to that tiny little room I teach in. If I could get a large enough student base I’d teach at home, but teaching at the local music store is the easiest way to get new students. I’m an independant contractor, which means that I’m not employed by them. I like it that way because I can make my own rules and policies.

So anyway, tonight I have three students coming. I start at 5:30 then end at 8:30. BUT I only have three lessons to teach. How does that work? Oh yeah that’s right, I have two unwanted breaks: one 30 minutes and one 60 minutes. If the lessons were all back to back then I could get out of ther at 6:30 and still have several hours at the library. Unfortunately this is what happens. I’m unlucky that way.

I guess I’ll have to schlepp my research materials to the music store with me. Sorry for whining so much, but I really needed to vent that out.

Someone come spank me I need to get busy and that would be good motivation!