I have very few old friends. I am not good at being long distance friends. One of my friends from undergrad, actually my best friend from undergrad, called me out of the blue on Sunday, leaving a message. The message was just a generic, “Hello it’s me, give me a call sometime.” I haven’t spoken to this friend (I’ll call her A) since maybe October. We used to be very close, and usually talked on the phone for about an hour every day. But she got really needy and started calling me like 6 times a day and freaking out about stupid stuff.

She was living by herself in a new city and teaching at a junior high. First of all nobody but robots should even risk teaching at a junior high. Those kids will eat your soul. She was still dating the guy she had started dating our last year in college. By this time I was in my first year of graduate school, and she had just graduated and gotten this job. So long story short, they broke up. And got back together. And broke up. And got back to gether. And broke up. Then didn’t get back together, just continued to have sex. Then finally she ended it completely. After that she became a sex fiend. The problem was, she was living in a small town in a very conservative (no, not southern) state. She was so afraid of anyone knowing anything bad about her personal life she

I couldn’t handle the stress anymore so I tried to hint that I needed some space. She never understood the hint, and finally after much thought I decided to tell her that she was calling too much. I just wanted her to call me once a day or every other day, but not several times a day. In the end we stopped talking altogether. I never meant to distance myself as her friend, but that’s what ended up happening.