My husband and I just got back from a trip to Chicago for our 6th wedding anniversary. It was so hot there the whole time!! We have fun anyway. We stayed at a great hotel and nerded out by going to Medieval Times. My husband lost his voice from screaming so much. I kind of had fun (the “show” was incredibly lame), but really the only fun parts were watching the amazing horses and the hot guys riding the horses. For me, one of the sexiest things about a man is the muscles in his legs. The “knights” in the show had awesome legs. The food they served us was pretty good considering the setting. And we had to eat with our hands. That part was also incredibly fun.

The best part of the trip was definitely the sex. To much to recount here in detail, but I’m crazy sore today. 🙂 I so love my husband’s cock. Ok, so I love my husband, but his cock is a huge added benefit.

We’ve also been talking to a few guys we’ve been hearing from on adultfriendfinder and I think I’ll have more cock than I know what to do with. I especially want to get together again with the guy I sucked off last week. I want to feel his cock inside me. Damn.

I should have some good new stories to share with you all soon.