I’m so horny I can’t work. Damn. I’m going to refer to the guy I met up with last week S. I’ve been chatting with S this afternoon and now I’m so horny I can’t concentrate. Yeah, I could have just turned off messenger, but I was weak. I go through phases of horniness and these past two weeks I’ve been extremely horny. This is how I used to be every day back when I was an undergrad. Before I met my husband I was online every night talking to guys and having phone sex quite a bit. I miss those days. Luckily my husband likes the horny me and is more than willing to let me have as much fun as I need. I think I want to have phone sex with someone soon. I’m so damn shy it’s hard to get up the nerve, but once I do get my mind set on it I think it will happen. There are several guys that I’d like to have phone sex with, one of which is S. Another one is someone I’ve been chatting with every once in a while. He’s an extremely sexy man who I know would be even sexier on the phone. Maybe some day…..