I have visions of cocks running through my head. Last night my husband put me on webcam in adultfriendfinder. I had forgotten how hot it makes me to masturbate for 100+ viewers. I was laying on my bed on my stomach and up on my knees and he was filming it from behind while I rubbed my clit with my favorite vibrator. I had my laptop by my head so I could see what I looked like as well as what sort of comments I was getting. My husband wouldn’t let me cum. He could tell by my moans when I was getting close and he would order me to stop. It was maddening and I was soooo wet. I needed to cum so bad. When he finally let me it was instantaneous and amazing. I was still shaking when I finally came down from my orgasm. He wasn’t done with me yet. He had me roll over and situated the camera so all those people could watch him fuck me. He fucked me good and hard. It was feeling so good I never wanted it to end. Before he came he pulled out so he could shoot all over my face. It was very hot. I hadn’t had a guy come on my face like that before. The whole evening made me feel like a total slut. Just what I needed. We rested and watched a little TV then he was after me again. I was exhausted and half asleep so I thought he would just give up once he noticed how out of it I was, but he wasn’t taking no for an answer. I tried to tell him to stop, but he needed to fuck me again. I can’t say I actually wanted him to stop. I like feeling like he’s using me for his pleasure. I love to be controlled.

Back to the title. After last night I’m sitting here on my break thinking only about cocks. I’m super horny and I need to suck someone off tonight. Someone who’s not my husband cause I want him to take pictures. Also, I’m needing a big cock to play with. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is big, but just wide. He’s not that long. Even though I prefer a wide cock to a long one, sometimes I just want some variety. I want to suck a long thick cock and then feel it fucking me hard and deep.

I’m in a horny phase if you haven’t figured out by my new batch of sexy posts. I actually think the “horny phase” is my normal state, and my health problems have seriously erased my libido in recent months. Since I’m feeling better I guess I’m back to normal. I hope it lasts!!!!