*Sigh* I really should be sleeping right now. I just came so many times I cannot count. I feel so amazingly good that I wanted to write this post now so I don’t forget this feeling. I just got fucked. By my new neighborhood friend. That’s right, I found a fuck friend that lives literally down the street. He WALKED over this afternoon for some fun. I’ve chatted with this guy a few times over the course of the past week. His pics were hot and I knew that I’d like playing with his cock. He’s a little shorter than me, but he has a very nicely formed and long dick of a pretty nice width and a compact, muscular body.

He got here and the second I saw him I knew I was going to have fun. He was not shy and came in and introduced himself to my husband. Since I’m annoyingly shy, I admire people who aren’t. We went upstairs to the spare bedroom, and when I turned around and saw him reach the top step I noticed he was already hard.

He took his cock out of his shorts right away and I started playing with it. I had it in my mouth in no time. His hands were on my head and in my hair as I sucked his cock. I especially like it when the guy “makes” me take it in as far as I can. He started touching my breasts through my shirt. We took our clothes off and he had me lay back on the bed. He knelt beside me and started playing with my pussy while I stroked his cock.

This guy really knew exactly where to touch me. I don’t know how he figured it out right away, but he found the spot on my clit where I love to be touched. I was extremely wet after only a few seconds of his expert touch. He put some fingers inside me and found my g-spot. I came almost right away after he started doing that. He knew just how much to slow down on my clit after I came. He made me cum a few more times. I couldn’t keep track because my head was swimming in pleasure.

He asked me if I wanted him inside me. That is so sexy!!! I mean I obviously did want his lovely cock buried deep inside me, but for him to ask was HOT. I love the instant right before I feel a new cock inside me for the first time. I was on my back and he was on top of me, and as he slowly slid into me our eyes met. Eye contact is the ultimate in sexy for me. I love being looked at with eyes filled with lust for me. I love knowing that he is experiencing pleasure, too. As he started to move inside me, he didn’t go all the way in from the start, but once he did the world stopped. It felt so incredibly good. He fucked me slowly, then fast and hard. He grabbed my breasts as he slammed his cock inside me. My pussy tightened around his amazing cock as I came yet again staring into his eyes the whole time. When he started to get close to cumming he grabbed my breasts and fucked me harder than ever. There is nothing better than watching a man cum like that. I’ve never been with a man who makes such intense eye contact.

It wasn’t stupidly awkward after we were finished either. I was grateful for that. My husband had taken quite a few pictures and little video clips with our camera. We’ll be sharing them with Neighbor Guy (NG).

As if that wasn’t enough for this slut, once he left my husband jumped on me. I was up for it and soon my husband was fucking me. That was the best way to end such an encounter. He was so horny after watching me with NG that he just had to have me. I feel like a very lucky girl. Very well satisfied, but now I can’t wait for the next time I see NG.