I just stumbled across a blog that made me cry almost instantly. It is written by a man who is married to a woman who doesn’t really like sex. Ok, that’s tons of couples, but what made this blog bring me to the saddest moment I’ve had in a long time was how he has completely subjugated his passion in order to fit into a perceived role in his marriage and church.

I am not aiming to offend anyone, but what I’m about to write about might just do that. I apologize in advance. Ok, I don’t even know where to start. The first thing that drew my attention was his series of posts about stopping watching porn and stopping masturbating. His reason – because he shouldn’t fantasize about any other woman except his wife. Because porn was making his life less fulfilled and it was a waste of time to masturbate. This guy really had to struggle to stop viewing porn of any kind. He went to extreme lengths to avoid seeing any sex scenes, in even regular movies.

After reading about a dozen of his posts I could not read any further – I couldn’t see because I had started to cry. It was uncontrollable. Why did I have such a reaction? His blog epitomizes the very thing I have grown to hate about being an American. I think if he could he’d like to just turn off all horomones and go sexless for the rest of his life. It certainly would make his wife happy from what I can tell.

He seems like a really nice guy, but there is something evil about someone deciding that sex is not a natural part of the human existance. It’s rotten to the core. What is next? Will humor be the next thing to be banned? Don’t laugh at that joke, jesus wouldn’t want you to. Then what else… let’s see…. maybe we won’t get to see colors. That brings me pleasure, seeing a beautiful sunset or enjoying the color of my husband’s eyes.

I am having a hard time processing the words this man writes. I’m sitting here still crying trying to find a way to express why I feel so incredibly sad when I read his words. I mean the title of his blog is even fade to numb. He’s proud of his progress into the pleasureless world he covets. That’s what makes me so sad. That maybe people will read his blog and decide that he’s right and they will metaphorically cut their dicks off for their god.

Ok, that’s kind of crude of me to say it that way, but I just had to. There’s nothing wrong with masturbating or looking at beautiful pictures of people having sex or showing their bodies. How can anyone believe that masturbating is wrong? Who could it possibly be hurting?

This guy says that the reason he needed to stop masturbating is because he found himself fantasizing about people other than his wife. So what? It’s called having an imagination. As long as he’s not re-enacting the fantasies with the neighbor lady then there is nothing wrong with it. He tells the story of when he “fell off the wagon” and masturbated after not doing it for 13 months. The reason he did it? To get rid of an unwanted erection that just wouldn’t go away. I think his body was trying to tell him something. Maybe it was like a message from himself to himself, “hello? I’m still human. I need to masturbate immediately or else I’m going to go crazy!!!”

His wife doesn’t like to be touched in any sort of way. Sexual or not. She feels it encroaches on her personal space. As for touching in a sexual manner? It’s icky. She claims to have never masturbated. She won’t let him give her oral sex either, that’s unthinkable. And as you might have guessed already, she won’t let a cock anywhere near her mouth. Why? It’s dirty; that’s where pee comes out!!!

Ok, I can’t even deal with this anymore. I’m distraught, and need to masturbate or something…..

Edit: If anyone wants to view this guy’s blog let me know and I’ll forward you the url. I don’t want to post it here because that’s just rude.