I’m exhausted. Not because of any sort of fun activity, as in sexual activity. No, I’m tired emotionally. I had a good start of my day with my parents. We made it through brunch and a long shopping trip to an outlet mall in 100 degree heat. Things were even great while cooking supper; I was thinking we were in the home stretch. I was a fool. While we ate the conversation turned to birthdays and that of course made my mother lovingly relate a wonderful story of the birth of my younger brother; he broke her tailbone. Once the subject of childbirth came up I knew it was only a matter of time before she started in on her harassment of me regarding my lack of children. I tried, in vain, to change the subject. My husband and father even noticed and tried to steer the topic of conversation back to something mundane, like the hot as hell weather. I won’t go into too many details, but I’ll just say that it ended with me crying and my husband comforting me by squeezing my knee under the table. I was starting to feel a little better, but my irrational female side kept creeping back and threatening to make me cry for the rest of the meal.

Then the board games began. My mother is a child when it comes to games. I tried my hardest to help her win every time, but mostly it just made me more angry. I like just playing the games. That’s why they are fun, but for her it’s not fun unless she wins.

Oh well, just writing this is making me feel better.

I’m very, very horny. When I’m upset like I have been today, my husband is super affectionate. Take this morning, he woke me up by touching my face lightly. It was such a tender touch, and we just stayed in bed for a while longer just touching each other. I’ve been horny all day. I love when he wakes me like that. I just wish we could get an hour alone in our bedroom with them out of the house…. I need it bad.