I’m finally home and rid of my parents. Over all it was tolerable, but everything always seems better after the fact. The truth is, I did a lot of serious thinking about my life. Mostly in comparison with my parents lives. I cannot imagine what makes them get out of bed each day. I couldn’t find any joy in their lives. They constantly fight and act like children. I am starting to think that they actually enjoy all of that negative energy. And that is what I am going to remind myself of when I’m feeling down, or when I start to act like them. I will not be them. I will not live like that.

Thats enough about that topic. Thanks for reading all my ranting about them.

I got home late Saturday night and spent Sunday getting fucked and masturbating. 🙂 I did that today, too. Didn’t get anything done except a load of laundry. But I have cum a total of 13 times since returning from my trip.

Ok, I’m finishing this later and I have gotten some stuff done. I have noticed a large increase in traffic recently. Welcome again to all the new readers. Leave me comments so I can tell if you like what you read. Come on, I can take it! 🙂