I belong to a personals site for adults. My husband and I have a profile together, and each have our own seperately. This site is pretty much the only way we have ever found people to play with. My single profile is extremely specific as to who I am and what I like, as well as what I am looking for. And when I say specific, I mean I say it several times and in several different ways. If someone reads my profile they will know just what I’m about and what they’ll get from me. For instance, it reads: My husband will be present for all sexual encounters. I guess it’s pure stupidity on my part to assume that when someone sends me an email on that site that they have already read my profile. Once we get a few emails sent back and forth I usually suggest that we chat on yahoo messenger. Then once they find out that I’m married some of them get almost indignant that I led them on or something. I don’t know how I can be more clear in my profile. Maybe horny men can’t seem to think straight. Or I just attract the dimwits of the world.