I find myself struggling to maintain my relationship with my husband. Maybe struggling isn’t the best word, but it sure isn’t easy. I think we have a good relationship, but unless tended to, it will fade just like everything else. We’re in a down swing right now. Sometimes I just can’t figure out what he’s thinking. It’s like every few months he turns into a stranger for a few days. Then things go back to normal after we both decide that we need to spend some quality time together outside the bedroom. Sex doesn’t usually help this situation. It usually ends up awesome sex, but we have to talk it out. Or walk it out, or shop it out, or sometimes even fight it out. The bottom line for me is always, he’s my best friend. Sometimes he doesn’t act like it, but he is really favorite person. I don’t always act like his favorite person either. Somehow we make it work. I don’t think there will ever be another man who is so patient, caring, strong, funny, and sexy.

Lately I have been desiring the feeling of being courted. I want to go on dates and get to know someone new. I feel like this is crazy! I couldn’t be more satisfied with my husband. It’s not the sex with other men I want; I already get that. It’s the feeling of getting to know someone. It doesn’t have to be sexual or anything like that. I just want a guy to have lunch with or to call from time to time. I guess I just don’t know what to think. Am I crazy?