I think the biggest problem facing the country today is women who “aren’t interested” in sex anymore. These women are ruining the country for everyone. They leave their husbands horny and wondering why. I wish they would just open their legs and enjoy sex. Or, better yet, just stay unmarried and stop ruining the lives of these poor men. Ok, not all women are to blame for the lack of sex happening in America. There might be one or two men who have low libidos. On the other hand the men who have problems getting it up or just don’t feel like sex are probably damaged after years of being beat down by their woman refusing sex every day.

Yes, that’s right. I’m a woman who is blaming America’s lack of sex on women. Sex is not an option. It’s a human need just like food, shelter, and water. You simply can’t turn off your man’s sex drive just because you are too lazy to feel good enough about yourself to want to have sex with him.

Let’s get a little crazy and say that the lack of sex in America is the root of all evil in the country today. Maybe if we all got laid a little more there would be less war and fighting. There might be less focus on these incredibly stupid celebrities and more focus on feeling good about ourselves.

So, women, strip down naked, lock the kids (if you have them) in their rooms and suck your man’s cock for once!!!!

DISCLAIMER: Not all men are worthy of such actions. If he isn’t worthy then carry on with your lives. Or better yet, find yourselves a real man on the side.

Edit: I think maybe I should change the disclaimer to be more specific. Men who are undeserving of sex are the following types of man: lazy non-working slobs, abusive bastards, cheating liars, guys who refuse to brush their teeth because they are too STUPID, etc.