To continue on the accidental theme, after my unplanned masturbation session last night I went to bed and was still horny. I think this was due to my sexy husband sleeping like a cute little guy. I just had to start playing with his cock. I could smell him and I could not resist starting something. He started to wake up, confused, but moaning. Before he was fully awake I had his hard cock buried in my mouth. We didn’t speak, I just kept working his cock in my mouth until I made him shoot down my throat. After he came back to reality a bit, he asked what had brought that on. I just told him that he deserved it for being so cute while sleeping. You see, he RARELY goes to bed before me because of his work schedule (2pm-11pm). It was such a treat to come to bed and attack him the way he usually does to me. Tonight we went out for dinner and he suddenly he got this goofy look on his face. I asked him what he was thinking about, and he told me that he hated me and loved me all at once. He said that he was exhausted all day at work (he had to go in for normal business hours today, that’s why he went to bed first), but that he absolutely loved what I did last night. That made me feel good that he was thinking about me like that all day. I’m really lucky to have a guy like him.