Where I grew up the evenings would already be getting quite chilly and there would be very few days in the 80s. Humidity? ABSOLUTLEY NOT! Back to school time meant goodbye summer and hello autumn. It has been cooler this week and it should stay that way for the rest of it. But I know that 80-90 degree days will return before autumn actually hits. And winter here? It doesn’t come until mid to late December! Ok, maybe a little sooner, but it’s never really cold. My first winter here four years ago I only wore my winter coat once. The people here complain that the winters are unbearably cold, but I never thought so. For one, it’s rarely windy. Also, if it gets really cold, it warms up the next day. Snow never lasts longer than three days tops.

I get super super horny once the temperatures take a turn for the cooler end of the spectrum. Yep, snow turns me on. Ok, it’s not the actual snow, but rather the fact that I can snuggle up under a blanket in front of my fireplace naked with my husband and have lots of fun. Or meet a new lover for the first time when it’s wicked cold outside. I don’t know why, but the thought of that makes me horny…..

Does this make me an “Ice Queen?” lol