Since I have to teach one student at home tomorrow I had to make sure at least a path was clean so she could get through to the studio. Well I got very motivated and cleaned everything. It’s so much nicer in here when it’s clean.

Yesterday something pretty cool happened. University of North Dakota beat the University of Northern Iowa in football. UND is a division 2 school better known for it’s div. 1 hockey team. Football is not that important at UND. UNI is a div. 1 AA school and football is pretty important. Well football is pretty much a religion in that state. I am from North Dakota and while I did not attend UND I still think it’s pretty funny that some boys from the frozen wasteland beat some good corn fed Iowa boys. It definitly made me smile.

One thing that isn’t making me smile these days is the lack of comments here. I have seen a HUGE increase in traffic, but these people are not commenting. Come on!! At least say you hate it if you don’t like what you read here. It’s not that hard! And if you aren’t leaving comments because you don’t have a wordpress blog, then sign up as a user. It won’t take long and then you can leave comments!

AND who is reading this blog in Iowa City, IA? Please write me an email cause I’m just curious.