I have been noticing the simple pleasures in daily life. More on that later.

Valium renders me completely useless and therefore all I can do these days is sleep and think. That is, until the valium is out of my system. I will never take another one of those nasty little pills again. They have killed my sex drive completely. I also cannot wake up in the morning. It’s almost impossible to wake up.

I wistfully miss sex. I don’t actually want sex, but I remember it being fun so I kind of want to know what it’s like again. I even tried to masturbate the other day. Couldn’t cum. That’s right ladies and gentleman, for the first time in my entire life I couldn’t bring myself to orgasm. And believe me I tried everything. This sucks.

A few more days and the drug should be out of my system for good.

Back to life’s simple pleasures as noticed by me while in the drug induced stupor. The smell of fall in the air. Fresh air makes me feel good. The sound of windchimes. It’s a beautiful rainy night here and I have the window open in my office. I’m loving the sound of someone’s windchimes gently trilling in the cool night air. I usually hate the sound of those things. Mainly because it seems like an intrusion into my peace and quiet. For some reason tonight they are beautiful to me.

Music. I love music. I love listening to music. I love the memories I have attached to music. I can relive those memories each time I hear the piece they were made to. I love learning new music. I love practicing music. I love music. I’m so lucky to be a musician. You all have no idea how awesome it is!!! Ok, I’m biased, but then again it’s all I’ve ever known. I get to have my job be something I would do even if I was independantly wealthy. I never have to “work” another day in my life.

I love the innocence of children. I teach violin lessons for a living and each time I meet a new child I am impressed by how good they innately are. I have a lot of respect for the parents who get it right, too. There are some really bad parents out there, but when they get it right, the children are such a joy to be around. Here is a message to all of you who have children: Don’t use your children as weapons to piss off their violin teacher. The child isn’t the one responsible for paying me. You are. Grow up and pay up when I tell you to.

Ok this thing is long enough. I’m done rambling for now. LEAVE SOME COMMENTS.