I’m horny again! Actually, I started feeling more like myself last Sunday. It still took a lot of work on my husband’s part, but he brought me to the top again. He really does have a magical tongue. Throughout this whole drugged few weeks he has been an absolute angel to me. He has put up with strange outbursts of emotional garbage from me, and he has exhibited a level of patience I didn’t know was humanly possible. He’s been helping me make plans on how to get back to business on my dissertation. He is giving me deadlines! I always function better with deadlines. Now I just have to get him to give me an incentive to meet the deadlines. I think it would nice for him to promise to get me flowers or take me out for dinner if I meet his deadlines. That reminds me; he bought me an incredibly beautiful plant. It was unexpected and soooo sweet of him. I love how he makes me feel when he does stuff like that. Of course, I have no idea how to take care of is so it will probably meet the same demise as all my other plants (exept for the aloe that is still stubbornly alive).

Anyway, back to sex. I’m out of town for my orchestra job this weekend and I was super horny the first night (Thursday). So, my husband and I had phone sex. It’s something we used to do a lot of before we were married. It wasn’t as fun as I remembered it being. He got me to cum easily enough, but the magic just wasn’t there. Maybe I’m jaded because I get to have actual sex with him every day now. Or maybe I’m still not back to normal after that nasty drug. I’m thinking it’s the drug because I wasn’t horny yesterday at all. And I’m not horny at all today either. I crave his hugs and kisses more than anything else.

Ok, new topic. I went to a salon here yesterday and got my hair done. I dyed it red with blonde highlights. My natural color is very dark brown so it’s a bit of a change. Although not as much as I had hoped. I got it cut, too and I like the way the girl did it. I’m kind of a newbie to getting my hair done in a salon. My grandfather owned a beauty salon so when I was growing up I always got my hair cut there. The problem was, he only did old ladies’ hair so I basically came away with simple trims and kept my hair really long. Yesterday was quite the experience. I found a salon with what I think was the friendliest group of ladies. It actually felt a lot like my grandfather’s shop in a way. Everyone was so nice to me! I ended up getting my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever. Now I don’t look like a Greek hairy monster any more. LOL The girl taught me how to style my hair and explained everything she was doing. It was awesome!!!

Ok, now back to work on this damned dissertation from hell.