My husband went on a short overnight trip without me last weekend. I had to work so I could not join him. Where did he go? To a meet and greet for an internet group for people who like sex. Before he went we discussed what I would be ok with him doing. I gave him no boundaries because I wanted him to have fun. There was a little twinge of “don’t let him go” but for the most part I was happy to let him. He had a great time and met some interesting people. He spent a lot of time in the hotel pool because he loves to go swimming and I usually don’t want to sit in a swimming pool with him for hours so he took advantage of me not being there. He met a girl in the pool area who he later ended up fucking. He enjoyed it, and I’m glad he got that opportunity. My only misgivings about this whole thing is the type of people involved in the group. This is going to sound a bit snobby, but I prefer to be with educated people. The way he described these people was that they were uneducated people, i.e. factory workers, secretaries, telemarketers. Now, there’s nothing wrong with not spending thousands of dollars on an education like I did, but I have a problem with worrying about how these types of people will view me. I’m very worried about acting snobby around them. I have spent so much of my life studying music that I pretty much don’t have anything else to talk to in social situations. I also HATE the people that think it’s soooooooo hard to play music. The same conversation happens every time: “I could never learn music; it’s really hard.” To which I reply: “Don’t be silly, anyone can learn music.” To all of you out there: musicians do not like to put up on some sort of pedestal. ANYONE can learn to play music and we do not want to sit there and try to convince you of this simply because there is absolutely nothing else to talk about.

Ok, rant over. When my husband got home it was nice to have him back. He smelled funny, but I attributed it to the fact that I didn’t help him pack, therefore he forgot all toiletries and used the hotel soap and shampoo. But what I really enjoyed was the contrast of him being gone for one night and them coming back. I LOVE IT when he goes out of town without me because I love the way it feels when he comes home.