My husband hurt my feelings. And I am not sure how to deal with it. We have started to decorate our garage annually for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Last year was the first time we actually lived in a house in a child-friendly neighborhood. So this year we bought a few more things to put up and we were really excited to see what we could do. Then late last week I found out that a professor at the university had nominated my trio for a very prestigious masterclass. Basically, playing in this masterclass was a huge honor and there was no way I could justify turning it down to stay home and greet trick-or-treaters. Well, my husband got very angry at me. He pretty much felt that I was just blowing him off for something frivolous. Even when I tried to explain it to him be just wouldn’t believe a word I said. So, we get to tonight and we are setting up all the stuff in the garage and I expressed something about how much fun I was having and that I hated to leave before any trick-or-treaters came by. Then he said something to the effect of, “Well, you are the one who decided to abandon me.” In situations like this I usually cannot figure out what to say to him because no matter what I say to defend myself he won’t even listen. He just continues to sulk and act like I’m a horrible person. Ok, it’s not like I chose to just hang out with friends instead of him. I was asked to play for an extremely famous musician, and we ended up getting WONDERFUL feedback from this person. I had one of the best musical experiences of my life tonight and he didn’t even ask me how it went. What should I do now?