My husband has lightened up a bit. This is how it usually goes with us. We rarely completely resolve our little conflicts like this one. I think I might have unrealistic expectations of him regarding conflict resolution. Since meeting him 9 years ago I have transformed from a dirty fighter to a more intelligent, less confrontational fighter. I grew up in a house where people just yelled and screamed in order to resolve conflict, and now when I go home for a visit I can barely stand to be around my family. My husband has really helped me deal with useless anger, but now I think I have come to the point where I can see that his manner of dealing with conflict isn’t ideal either. There’s just never any resolution. As I’m typing this I am realizing that he never admits he is wrong. It’s his opinion or nothing. But he’s never overtly rude about his assertion that he’s right. It’s just his opinion. Oh well. I’m tired of thinking about this stuff.

In other news. Last month my doctor gave me a new drug to try since the Valium didn’t work out. This new one doesn’t last as long, but it has the same effects as normal Valium. So that means that I have not a lot of libido these days. Of course I think it also might have something to do with my husband being sick and not feeling like having sex at all. I’m kind of ambivalent about this whole thing. I’m not really missing the sex. I should be freaking out and wondering what the hell happened to me. Maybe I’ve just reached the age where sex is no longer fun. That’s right folks. In two weeks I’ll be 29 and I guess I’ll never go back to the perpetual horniness of my early twenties. Kill me now.