Yesterday it snowed for about an hour. When the first flakes fell I jumped to my feet and did a little happy dance. There is nothing I love more about fall than the first snow. I’m in love with winter, and I have been since I was a child growing up in the winter wonderland of North Dakota. I don’t mind the cold temperatures. Especially where I live now because the winters here are not quite as nasty as they were in ND. The first thought that jumped in my head when I saw that it was snowing was, “I have to go drive around in it!” So I jumped in my car and went to buy more cold medicine. The flakes were large and wet and it was just beautiful out there. I was hoping that it would last until the sun went down because I love to walk down the street in the softly falling snow at night. But it stopped just before sunset. Oh well, it will happen eventually. I hope anyway.

Today was a good day. We had our dress rehearsal this morning and I’m about to leave for the concert. I haven’t talked to my husband at all today, but I did try to call him before I bought some luggage at a department store today. We’d discussed buying a new set of luggage because we haven’t had any matching stuff since before we were married. So when I found a pretty nice set for only $109 (slashed down from $300!!) I just had to have it. It’s purple (my favorite color) so I hope he doesn’t hate that, but I bought it so he’ll just have to deal with it. I also bought an inexpensive gift for the husband, but I can’t talk about it here because he reads this blog. All in all it was a wonderful afternoon shopping with my friend who ended up buying a gravy boat for himself and his boyfriend. Kind of humourous to go shopping with a guy trying to find a classy looking gravy boat.

After the concert we will be going to the local gay bar to dance the night away and get as drunk as we can handle. I’m sure it will be a very “interesting” night.