I just fucked a stranger that I met in the hotel bar. I was planning on going out with my friends after the concert, but one of them was feeling sick so nobody went out. But I was not wanting to sit in my room and be bored. So I went to the hotel bar. I sat by myself at a table and started watching a group of guys playing pool. One of them caught my eye and came over and asked if I liked the way he was shooting. I said sure. Then a little later he asked me what my name was and I told him. He must have misunderstood me because a few minutes later when he was introducing me to his buddies he called me Melissa. I just let him think that because anonymity seemed like a good way to go. He bought me a few drinks and asked me to their table. I joined them and watched as they played each other at pool a few more rounds. Then his buddies went upstairs to go to sleep and he stayed downstairs with me. So we get to talking and I basically decide that I’m going to fuck him as long as he has a condom. What can I say? This was the exact fantasy I’ve been dreaming about for years. This was the very first time a man bought me a drink in a bar and tried to get in my pants. THE FIRST!!! So, being the slut that I am I have a few more drinks and then he asks if I’ll play my violin for him. So I decide to invite him to my room to “play for him.” I called my husband quickly from the bathroom of the bar to let him know what was happening. He was all for it so upstairs we went.

This guy, David, is about 6 feet tall, black and has a HUGE cock. I’ve never been with a black man before so that was a nice first for me also. We get to my room and I take out my violin and start improvising a tune for him. Once I finish he came over and asked if he could kiss me. I said yes and he kissed me while I was still holding my violin. His hands were on my belly and I started getting really turned on as we kissed. He has full lips and a wonderfully active tongue. I asked him if he wanted me to put my violin away and he said that he wanted to hear me play some more. I played a little longer and only stopped when he came back over with an obviously huge hard-on. We kissed some more and I could feel myself getting really wet. I was wondering what it would feel like to feel his tongue on my clit.

I didn’t have to wait long. After I put my violin away, he gently undressed me. After I was completely nude and standing in front of him he took his clothes off quickly and his hands were immediately all over me. He gently pinched my nipples, grabbed my ass, touched my belly, and reached down to start rubbing my clit and testing my wetness.

We went over to the bed and he asked if he could lick me. I said of course and he was on me instantly. His tongue felt amazingly good on my clit. He quickly found the spot I like (this REALLY impressed me) and zeroed in on it, licking furiously until I came in his face. It can be very difficult to make me come sometimes, but I was so turned on after playing for him and kissing him that he made me come right away.

After I came down from my orgasmic high I asked if I could suck his cock. What a silly question! lol He lay back on the bed and I got between his legs and took the head in my mouth. I sucked it lightly and worked my way down his cock. His was one of the biggest I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. Not quite as wide as my husband, but almost and extremely long. I suck at measurements, but I would say 8″ or so (which is huge in my experience). After sucking him for a few minutes he asked if he could fuck me. I said no unless he had a condom. Luckily this man was smart and produced three from the pocket of his pants.

We started with me on my back with him on top. I love to savor the first time a cock enters my pussy. As his large cock entered me for the first time and went in as far as he could I let out a little sigh of pleasure. He took this as an obviously good sign and started moving in and out. He picked up the pace and fucked me for what seemed like forever. After a while he had me roll over so he could fuck me from behind. This is my FAVORITE position and it didn’t take long for me to cum. He was really fucking me hard. Damn it felt good.

He asked me if I wanted him to just cum inside me in the condom or if I would let him cum on my tits. Well, I told him to cum on my tits and he pulled out, ripped off the condom, and let if fly all over my tits.

We got to the room at about 1:30 and he left at 3:30. Perfect way to spend two hours.

I’m such a slut, and I love it!