My husband made my birthday a pretty good day. He ended up getting me two surprise gifts. One was something I had asked for, but the other was completely out of left field. The violin case was a much needed upgrade, and I picked it out myself. I just didn’t know if he had ordered it in time. Well, he did because he gave it to me the night before my birthday.

Then I got home last night after teaching for a grueling 5h hours. I was feeling extremely depressed, and I couldn’t figure out why. I think it was because I came home to an empty house on my birthday. Well, my husband called me and told me to look outside the front door. I did and there was a package out there. He told me to open it and inside was an electric violin. That’s right, an ELECTRIC violin. It’s red and not entirely shaped like a violin. It’s really cool, and very fun to mess around with. It totally made my day. He knew just what to get me to surprise the hell out of me. He’s such a sweetheart sometimes.

So, now I have to spend all day today getting ready for my big trip to ND. I’m dreading the long drive, and I’m dreading seeing my parents. At least my husband will be with me this time to buffer the suffering for me. I’m really looking forward to seeing my dad and my grandparents. My brother will also be there. I just have to avoid my mother and things will be ok.

In other news, this blog is almost a year old. I can’t even believe that…..