I’ve been meaning to get to this post for the last two days, but I never seemed to find time to sit down and just get it done. I went home for Thanksgiving. Actually I was out of town for a week and when I got home Saturday I was exhausted.

All week long I’ve been thinking of great topics for a massively long blog post, but now that I sit down to write I can’t remember everything I wanted to write about. Usually when I spend time with my husband 24 hours a day for a week I get at least a little sick of him. It’s only normal, right? Well this time I found myself enjoying every minute we were together. I liked him more and more each day as the week progressed. It’s such a nice feeling knowing that I genuinely like spending time with him.

We left town the Sunday before Thanksgiving and stayed that night in Minneapolis. It’s about halfway to my home town in North Dakota, and it’s a good way to break up the 13+ hour drive. We had used priceline to get a nice hotel room in a suburb right off the interstate. We arrived in the afternoon, checked in, and immediately fucked. We just couldn’t help ourselves. I was cold and had snuggled under the blankets on the big comfy bed, and when he joined me our clothes came off and he fucked me hard from behind. I think the maids in the hallway heard us because when we finished we left to go to a movie and they kind of smiled at us funny. We went to see the movie Borat. I think it might possibly be the most funny movie I’ve ever seen. I loved it. After the movie my husband and I went downtown to eat at the Spaghetti Factory. We ate at one on our honeymoon so every time we’re in a town that has one we make a point of eating there. It was a lovely meal. We went back to the hotel and decided to take a swim in the hotel pool since it was open 24 hours. The water was sooooooo cold, but we braved it anyway. Once we got used to the water temperature it wasn’t so bad.

To continue on the honeymoon theme we were all over each other. Since we were alone in the pool area we got a little more “pornographic” than we usually would in a pool. Yeah, I’m sure the security cameras were showing what we were doing, but I didn’t mind sharing with some bored hotel employee. We kissed in the water and that eventually progressed into the top of my bathing suit being pulled up and my hand in his swim trunks. We played around some more and got progressively more and more horny. Next we went into the sauna, mainly to warm up a bit, but also to have more fun. Once we were in there he was all over me. He pushed me back on the bench and licked my pussy, then after a while he repositioned and fucked me. Now we can add sauna to the list of places we’ve fucked. It was fun knowing we might get caught any minute.

When we were done in the pool area we went back up to the room and showered together. I think we had a handicapped accessible room because we had a removeable showerhead. After washing and fondling each other for what seemed like an hour we dried off and climbed into bed. It was such a comfortable bed………

Ok, I’ll write more later. This is taking too long, and I have things to do! Stop in later for another installment of my exciting trip to ND.