Well, after six years of marriage I finally did it. I finally made the biggest compromise I’ll ever have to make. I let my husband put tinsel on the Christmas tree. I’m very particular about how I like my Christmas decorations to be. I have a strict system of packing them away each year. However, I abhor the little metallic strips that just get everywhere, but for him it’s just not Christmas without it. Every year I would hide the tinsel his mother would send us. I never threw it away because I would feel too guilty, but if he asked about it I’d pretend to not be able to find it. My mother-in-law sends some each year because she thinks it’s not available in the United States (my husband is from another country). I haven’t had the guts to admit to my husband or her that it is, in fact, available here, but I hate the stuff. Well, I guess I’m getting soft in my old age because we put a crapload of tinsel on the tree. Blue and silver. If I squint really hard I can’t really see it, but I still know it’s there because of the warm feeling in my heart after seeing the huge, childlike smile on my husband’s face.