Well that’s not completely true. I’m really in awe of my new commentor Mr. Shankley. Seems he’s read my whole archive. Of course, I love all of you who comment equally!

Also, my husband and I are contemplating moving house. Our rental company wants us to sign a lease now even though our lease isn’t up until August 1, 2007. Eight months? I don’t know what I’ll be doing in eight months!!! We’ve been looking into moving to the town where his job is. That would mean a 30+ minute drive for me every day to my teaching studio. But he’s been commuting since we moved here so I can’t complain about that. Plus, if we can find a place in the downtown area near his job we can sell one of our cars. But I know if we did that then I’d find a job in some other state and we’d be stuck buying another car anyway.

We’ve also talked about buying a house or condo. That thought terrifies me. We don’t have a lot of money put away for a down payment. Our savings account is 10 times as large as it was just two years ago, but the difference between $10 and $1,000 still doesn’t make for a house downpayment. A mortgage would be less expensive than our rent in a college town. Moving out of the college town just seems like the right move to make. I just love living here though. Oh well, I probably won’t find a job if we are ready for that anyway. I’ll find a job when we buy a house and settle in for a few more years. That’s just the way things tend to work in these circumstances, right?

What’s scaring me the most is that I can actually see us as homeowners. We’ll finally be able to paint the walls. I HATE white walls. We’ll be able to get a pet. Well, maybe. I don’t really want a pet just because I don’t want my house to smell like the houses of my friends who have pets. Nasty.

My dream would be to find a loft apartment in the downtown area with two parking spaces and a beautiful view. One that is a rental, but allows wall-painting. Then we would get rid of one of our cars and buy a used car so we only have one car payment.

Then once my dissertation is finished, I’ll graduate and get my dream job. I’ll move there (wherever the dream job is) and he’ll stay here for a year or two (we’ve actually planned this).

Oh, and I was tagged to do a list of weird things about me. I still intend to produce said list. Stay tuned….