I’ve been keeping a blog for over a year now (yeah I forgot to mention my anniversary on November 26th) and I had yet to be tagged for a meme until two people tagged me for the same one. Amy Elle and Trueself both wanted to know 6 weird things about me. I’m sure all of you will love these. 😉

1. I LOVE paper. I love the way certain paper smells. I love different textures of paper. I love cheap paper. I love expensive paper. I love how paper sounds. I especially love the way it sounds when I turn pages in a three-ring binder. Sometimes when I sit down to read a magazine that has especially awesome paper I have to turn the pages all the way through before reading a word.

2. I LOVE stickers. I hand out stickers to my students as a reward for a lesson well done, but my real reason is so I have an excuse to buy cool stickers. I used to have a sticker book when I was a kid. I even covered the back cover of one of my teaching books completely with stickers. I needed to use up the old ones so I could buy some new ones. lol

3. I drive a manual transmission car….on purpose. I learned to drive on a manual and I get bored driving automatic transmission cars. I delivered pizza for three years in college in a manual transmission car. I was so good at it i could smoke, talk on my cell phone, look at the address slip, and still shift gears. But now I can’t smoke anymore, I rarely talk on my cell phone while driving, and there’s not a lot of pizza delivering going on either.

Ok, halfway done, but I have to go to work. I’ll finish this later.