It seems that nothing is really quite free in Vegas. We would have had to pay $11.99 per 24 hour period for internet access in our hotel room. So I did the unprecidented and didn’t access the internet from Friday night until I got home late last night.

I’m exhausted. I’m convinced that when taking a trip to Las Vegas a one day buffer is required before returning to the real world. I have to go to work in a few minutes and I don’t know how I’ll get through it. At this point I don’t even know if coffee will help me. Part of why I’m exhausted is because immediately upon arriving home I had to rush to clean the bathrrom and straighten the guest bedroom because my brother decided to stop in to stay the night on his way home to ND for Christmas. It was really good to see him, but damn is it rude to invite yourself to stay with someone right after they get back from a vacation. He arrived a full hour earlier than he had told me earlier in the day so he was literally on my doorstep as we rolled in from the airport. Who does that!?!

I promise to share the fun details from my trip. Nothing extra special happened in the way of naked fun, but the trip was still AWESOME!!!!!!!! I will try my best to get that post up asap, but just know that I’m preparing my house for my in-laws to come for Christmas. Then my best friend from undergrad is coming for a visit for New Year’s. I just have a lot of preparation to do before this house is parent visit ready. I still have a little shopping to do, plus I’m teaching my normal schedule this week meaning that I even teach all day Saturday. I just hope I have the energy to get everything done so I can relax when the family arrives.

P.S. Vegas makes me horny.