I do not do New Year’s resolutions. I find them to be cliché. I’ve never known any person who has actually accomplished their resolution. January is the most depressing month of the year for a lot of people. There’s the holiday letdown, winter weather, money woes, and other things. For me January has always been a sleepy dreamy month.

Since I’ve been in college for 10 years I usually have January (or at least the better part of it) off from school. I usually pine away for classes to start again. But I also never have any money. As a musician this is one of the slowest times of year. The Christmas concerts dried up mid-December, and no musician seems to work during January at all. I don’t have any performances lined up until early February.

When I was living in North Dakota I usually loved January because it was the dead of winter. But for me the dead of winter in ND was glittering and clean. When everything is covered with snow it just looks better. The sun glinting off piles of beautiful snow is brighter than any July sun beatdown.

Maybe my favorite part of the New Year is putting up the new calendar. I have calendars all over my house and office. Probably one in each room (including the guest bathroom, which I try to decorate with the tackiest art possible).

2007 will be the year that I accomplish my biggest goal. I will become Dr. Mia Colini. Sometimes I wonder how I got here from where I started, but there is so much out there I want to accomplish.

I need to make this year the year I get rid of my insecurities about finishing school and getting a job. This year will be the year that I finally figure out how to live my daily life and be happy in the moment instead of always waiting to see what the future will be like.