Ok, I can admit it. All week I’ve been engrossed in the mega marathon of America’s Next Top Model on VH1. They are playing every episode of every season, and I’ve watched it every free moment I have. I’ve been transfixed. There is something so fascinating watching these women going through judging every week. The things the judges say to them can apply to everybody’s lives. We should all strive to be ourselves, and be the most beautiful person possible. That doesn’t mean we have to be only physically beautiful, but to cultivate internal beauty as well.

For some reason watching this show has given me a surge of confidence. I feel like I can do anything I decide to do in my life. I have the talent and I have the education, now it’s just time for me to believe that I can get it done.

I went to teach a lesson to one of the undergrads here. She’s getting ready for grad school auditions and wanted someone some help putting the finishing touches on everything. I took my time getting ready today partially because I was still watching America’s Next Top Model. Lately I’ve been taking more time getting ready. I’ve been wearing makeup more often, and styling my hair more. Today I looked great as I went to the school to teach. I ran into several acquaintances and everyone said, “You look great!” I guess I look like I’ve gotten a makeover. The hair and makeup are part of it, but really what makes the difference is how I feel about how I look. I knew I looked awesome and therefore I did.

Who knew that reality tv could have that effect!