My husband is pouting. Before Christmas we had made a plan that starting today we would have a deal where if I got up early and left the house to work on my dissertation he would tackle one cleaning project.

Well things got messed up for him when I asked him to do ONE load of laundry while I was at work all day on Saturday. I only wanted him to do one load, but he ended up doing all the laundry and putting it all away. He absolutely abhors folding and hanging laundry. I thanked him profusely, but I guess it wasn’t enough.

The next day he got home earlier than usual from playing games with his friends so we were sitting around trying to figure out what to do. Well I decided that we needed to put away all the rest of the Christmas stuff. We had taken the tree down a few days before that, but we still had a lot of leftover stuff to pack away. He was not pleased that I wanted him to clean on his “day off.”

Why is it that men seem to get complete days off, but women rarely get this luxury? I work 6 days a week (and sometimes 7 if I’m on a business trip). He works 5 days a week, and never more than that. So if he has to do chores on a Saturday then I guess he’s exempt on Sunday? At least that’s his view.

Yesterday (Monday) was the first day of our pact about him doing cleaning projects if I work on my dissertation. He slept until 11am and left for work at noon (these are his normal work hours, but the deal was for him to get up early with me). I asked him why he didn’t do any cleaning projects and he answered that he had done too much on the weekend and needed the extra sleep. Um, he only had to do 20 minutes of cleaning on Sunday. Since when does a grown man need to sleep in by 4 hours to compensate for 20 minutes of forced cleaning the afternoon before?

I chewed him out a little. I can never get overtly angry with this man because he always gives me the silent treatment for days when I act angry. I merely stated the obvious fact that he shouldn’t be pouting like a little kid because he didn’t keep up his end of the deal.

I’m laughing about this now, but I was really pissed for a few hours yesterday. Oh well, some things will never change.