I guess my very personal posts don’t go over so well here. Nobody seems to be reading them or having anything to say. I guess I should write about something sexual to keep you all appeased.

This afternoon I was working on my dissertation and I started to feel antsy. I decided to take a break and look around online. After awhile I started to get horny so I crawled into bed and started playing with my breasts. It was feeling really good because it’s super cold in my house (always is, and we keep it that way on purpose) and my nipples were hard instantly.

I started cooking up a fantasy in my head. It involved a stranger and a dark room. I love fantasizing about fucking a stranger in the dark. I want to feel dominated and almost “forced” to submit.

That got me wet immediately. I started rubbing my clit with my finger, and I came so fast and unexpectedly I almost couldn’t believe it. It only took about 30 seconds of rubbing to bring me to climax. That has to be a new record.

After I recovered I got up and went back to work. I’ve been horny all day now and am eagerly awaiting my husbands return from work. A good fuck is in order immediately upon his arrival. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me meeting him at the door scantily clad and demanding he drop his pants so I can suck on his cock. What man could say no to that?