This morning my husband and I woke up earlier than usual. A few days ago winter finally arrived, and there is a little bit of snow outside. One of my favorite sensations is when I wake up to a sunny, cold day when there is snow on the ground. I always feel so comfortable and motivated. I think that’s because of where I grew up. Anyway, back to the story at hand. Yesterday was one of those perfect mornings where I wake up early and feel rested and needing sex badly.

My husband had the same idea as me, and did his cute little thing where he tells me I’m beautiful. I once told him that that was a good way to get me in the mood. Now it’s just cute. So he started touching me all over and kissing my nipples. That really got me going. Before long he was between my legs licking my pussy. It just felt so good. I didn’t want it to end, but I came after only a little while. While I was still dazed from my orgasm he shoved his cock inside me and fucked me until I came again right before he came inside me.

It was the perfect start to a beautiful day. I LOVE WINTER.