Today was a landmark in the life of one of my closest friends. This is the friend I’ve written about on here before. She’s the one I confided in a year ago who was less than pleased with the realization that I was practicing a sexual lifestyle she was uncomfortable hearing about at the time. She’s also the one who has been going through a divorce. She’s very young, early-mid twenties, and had only been married a little over two years. Well, today she signed the final divorce papers. She had had the papers for a little over a week, but couldn’t bring herself to go to the notary public office alone. I took her this afternoon, and it was very rough on her. She cried and looked so pitiful that the clerk refused to let her pay.

We had spent the afternoon together and I tried to keep things light and interesting to keep her mind off of where we were going. I think it worked for the most part because we were chatting and laughing up until we walked into the building.

She recovered quickly and we were talking as I drove her home and she said that she was angry at herself for crying. She went on to explain that she had shed so many tears while packing up her belongings and moving that the last week she wasn’t sad at all. For some reason the officialness of the divorce finally hit her.

I haven’t asked for many details regarding the proceedings of all of this. I just feel so badly for her. I met her when she had just started to plan her wedding. We became friends over the summer she got married. I’ve known her from before she got married, and I’ll admit that she has changed a ton in the past four years that I’ve known her. I can understand why he wanted to end things, but it’s still hard to digest.

I value my marriage and my husband more now than ever. I truly got lucky finding him. I won’t allow myself to feel guilty for being happy, but I wish my friend didn’t have to go through all of this.

So, all you youngsters out there in “serious” relationships. DON’T GET MARRIED. You are not grown-up enough to make life-long decisions until after you have decided what makes you happy in life. A spouse cannot make you happy.

I got lucky that I actually like my husband because after I got married I spent the first few months actually getting to know my husband. We had never even lived in the same country until two months before the wedding. However, I was far too young to be getting married.

This has turned into a bit of a rambling post, but I just needed to get my thoughts down before I get sad and start crying again. The tears are close and I need to stop thinking about this now.