What kind of person do you think wrote this on their blog? Was it A. typical college student B. really stupid college student or C. an “older than average” college student who thinks the world owes her everything because she is a single mother.

“I had a quiz in Western Civilization today…I made a 100. His quizzes aren’t too bad, but his section tests are a bitch! 25 multiple choice questions, 5 identify the people type questions in which the answer must be at least 6 sentences long and an essay that ought to be a completely separate assignment. I’m going to pull my hair out! It’s a good thing that I only have to take one history course.”

Oh my god! 6 whole sentences!!!! And an essay??!!!!!?!?! What an evil, evil teacher making his students write and learn!! We should all call her professor to complain for this horrible transgression.

If you want to know who wrote this just google the first eight words of the paragraph.