I do have some fun sex stories to relate…. finally! This past weekend I went out on Saturday night to see a local band play. I go to all their shows, and usually have a bit to drink – enough to be feeling good, but not enough to act stupid. This time I went a little overboard. My husband is always with me at these shows because he loves it when I drink. I get really horny and will do just about anything. I achieved the perfect level of being drunk. I was able to let go and have a ton of fun without acting ridiculous. When we got home we had some wild sex. More wild than usual, especially more than lately.

When I’m drunk I crave cock. I feel like I need it in the back of my throat. I have a small mouth (according to my dentist anyway lol) and a pretty strong gag reflex, but when I’ve been drinking I can shove it in my mouth without any adverse effects.

My husband and I got home and went upstairs. He grabbed me when we got in the bedroom and got my clothes off in like 10 seconds. He threw me down on the bed and ordered me to stay there. His clothes came off and in no time I grabbed his cock and started sucking on it. I pushed my head down on his cock and held me there until he could sense that I was running out of air. Then he pulled me off by my hair and pushed me back down. He repeated this a few times then let me take over. My tongue was everywhere – I licked his balls and around the base of the shaft then teased up the sides to the head. Then I got into a good rhythm of sucking and he made me stop after not too long because he didn’t want to come in my mouth.

He laid me down on the bed and started slapping my face and tits and pinching my nipples. I told him I wanted him hurt me and he slapped my left tit like 10 times until I couldn’t take it anymore then hit it a few more times. I so needed that! I love the way it hurts when he does that, especially when I’m drunk.

Then without asking or tell me what he was going to do he started to fuck me so hard it hurt. His cock is very wide and I usually need to get used to it at first or else it hurts, but he just rammed it in. Even though I was very wet it still hurt. He fucked me for a while and then pulled out in time to shoot his cum all over my face and tits. I love the feeling of hot cum spurting all over me.

After I cleaned up and washed my face for bed he asked if I was still horny, and I said yes because I didn’t come before. So he reached down and started rubbing my clit. He got me really close to coming, and then asked what I wanted next. I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass. So he grabbed some lube and got behind me and pushed his cock in my ass. I was frantic to have it in me. I love the way it hurts. He was fucking me hard and fingering my clit and I came so hard he had to stop moving because I was clenched so hard. After that I was about ready to pass out. I love the feeling I get after being drunk and having lots of rough sex. I love feeling used. That night I slept like a baby.