I’m gonna give you what you come here to read – a sex post. I was out of town this weekend and travelled home Saturday. I’m sure some of you saw the weather channel’s coverage of their cleverly named “two sided storm.” Well where I live got a nice bit of ice storm. I was about a 6 hour drive from home and the weather wasn’t looking good. Well, we set off at 9am and everything was totally fine. The roads were wet and the wind was strong, but there was no danger of going off the road or anything.

We got within about 100 miles of home and the conditions started to get worse. The wet roads turned into icy roads. It got worse and worse the closer we got to home. Every rest area we stopped at didn’t have power, and we counted 18 cars/semi trucks in the ditch.

No worries because I made it home safe and sound. Except there was no electricity at my house. I got home at about 4pm and my husband said the power had gone out literally three minutes before I got home. He was being really nice and pulled his car out of the garage so I could park there. The second the garage door shut again after moving his car out, the power goes off.

This has never happened to me before. I’ve never been without power for more than an hour or so, and never in the winter. I was kind of freaking out because I was tired from my trip and I couldn’t get warm no matter how many blankets I hid under.

So my husband and I did what every married couple does (or should do) when faced with long hours of cold boredom: we fucked like animals.

I would characterize our normal marital relations as satisfying, but not overly long lasting. We get our pleasure as quickly as possible. Well, since we had all the time in the world and weren’t completely tired, or drunk we took our time.

We played skip-bo for awhile on my game boy. It’s kind of fun and whenever it was my turn he would be sucking on one of my nipples or groping me in some other way. And then when it was his turn I’d play with his cock.

That went on for I don’t know how long because there is no non-digital clock in the bedroom, but I’ll just say that after a while we couldn’t finish our game so I “cheated” and took a few of his turns for him.

Once our clothes came off we had licked, sucked, rubbed, touched, teased, and most importantly – fucked for a very long time.

After we cleaned up a bit we went decided to venture out in search of warm food. We found a restaurant in the only part of town with power still and ate as slowly as possible so we wouldn’t have to go home to a dark, cold house.

When we did get home we fucked again. Maybe we should have more power outages…..